My interest in photography began around the age of 13 when my father, after my endless pleading, purchased me my first real 35mm camera. It was a used Petriflex fully manual, mechanical SLR and one 50mm normal lens for about $80. With that camera my eyes were opened to the amazing world of photography. Three years later, while attending high school in New York City, I traded up to a Minolta SRT101 and 50mm lens. A big deal for me at age 16! For my first 10 years of shooting pictures I only owned (and could only afford) one camera and one normal lens.

A few years later, while attending the University of Rhode Island, I worked in the art department’s darkroom for extra money while studying the early pioneers of landscape photography such as Edward Muybridge and Carlton Watkins. In that history of photography class I saw slide shows of classic photographs of the western U.S. and longed to venture out west. Immediately after graduating college, I traveled through twenty states and visited four major national parks one summer in three months!

My first attempt at a photography business was Sunrise Photography which I created in 1981. This was a home based wedding and model photography business. After about two years I gave up the “company” and returned to photography as a hobby. Since then a lot of water has gone under the bridge in my life and after 18 years I gradually began a new business. My interest in the hobby has been rekindled 100 fold and I am back in business, now full time. I have since changed the name of my business to Rick DeBari Photography. In addition to still photography I now am doing digital videography and video editing of live music and events. My lifelong passion continues to this day and hopefully for many years into the future!